Kava High – What Is the Experience Like?

The Kava High

Opened and relaxed… Euphoric serenity…

Clarity begins to flow through my body permeating each of my cells with a sense of certain serenity and ease; I exhale out the cares and worries of my everyday: I have arrived and walk through the gates of peace.

The world around me begins to shimmer in its essential beauty and my whole future looks positive. After twenty minutes of drinking my first bowl of concentrated kava tea I am transported to a different state of being, my body is heavy in relaxation and yet my mind is sharp with creative flow.

I am in controlled relaxation, something I have never found with alcohol, marijuana or any other mind and body altering substances. I speak with loving open ease with those around me and yet my tongue is sharp in speech unlike being under the influence of other recreational social lubricants.

Why Get High on Kava?

There are many reasons why we choose to alter our state of being through external substances like alcohol, marijuana or prescription drugs like Ativan and other relaxants. Namely, life is challenging; it requires us to become hyper alert as we navigate through our busy pressured lives.

It can be difficult to transfer from our fight or flight state of being where we perform our day-to-day tasks, into a relaxed state, and yet for the sake of our health and sanity, we need to. But how can we do this safely?

The Kava high is a great bridge that allows us to joyfully and safely cross over from a heightened state of being, usually a stressful one, into relaxation where we feel free to be ourselves in conversation and blissfully fall into a deep, dream filled sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

Absolutely no hang over!!!! Yes, this is true, there is no hang over or foggy brain to contend with during or after the experience with Kava. Kava provides all the benefits of a nice glass of wine at the end of the day without any of the detrimental health and potential behavioral risks.

Feeling Kava Bliss

What to Expect from Kava

Within twenty minutes of consuming the Kava product expect to experience some tingling in the extremities of the body and numbness in the mouth. This is quite a pleasant feeling that settles the body into a very grounded and heavy state while maintaining an open alertness of the mind.

As you inhale and exhale, you will feel as if the body is being fueled with a warm electrical feeling and that you are tapping into something beyond yourself, a heavenly sensation.

Experience will vary from individual to individual depending on each person’s own personal constitution. Experience is by its nature subjective but there are a few variables to keep in mind.

Generally, some mild fasting will enhance the experience of a ‘high’, although some people prefer to have a little something in the belly to soften any potential bitterness that may cause nausea in some individuals.

The form of the Kava that you consume will also have an impact on your experience. Kava capsules are available but do not create as intense an altered state of being but will help with relaxation for sleep. The tea from the Kava root concentrate, as well as the tinctures are easily and legally accessible; they will provide the most intense altered states of being.

Kava – The Safe High

Wellbeing, health and safety make the Kava high a wonderful way to explore the euphoric potential of yourself without devastating the liver with over toxicity or risk losing control of behavior in embarrassing ways.

We all know that stress is a leading cause of disease. We also know worry, fear and anxiety keep us trapped within ourselves unable to fully engage socially. The Kava high easily allows the body to cross the threshold from hypertension into ease and restfulness, in this place we are able to engage socially, let go and unwind.

The Kava high has the potential to save lives by providing an inviting transformation of the body’s nervous system into a fun, open and sublime space.

Kick Back Relax Anywhere On Your Kava High

The next time you want to put your feet up and chillax let the Kava High be your first go to. Similar to having a glass of wine or beer you can head out to a Kava Bar in your area where a variety of flavors are available for you as well as the social opportunities and community or stay in and enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

The Kava Date Night

Pour the Kava tea and let the sexual energy flow uninhibited!

Going out for Kava is a great date night idea, it allows the body to relax and your inhibitions to melt away and yet leaves your mind and body clear and nimble creating a great atmosphere for sexual explorations. Not to mention the mild aphrodisiac effect that the Kava root has.

If your idea of a great time is sitting back and gaming on your Xbox, Kava is a great way to stay mentally clear while the body decompresses and unwinds.


You Deserve A Good Kava High

Grown and cultivated in the south pacific, Kava is Fiji’s national drink and it is no wonder that a place so textured in earthly paradise would produce this beverage! The consumption of this product invites the consumer to walk into their own piece of earthly paradise from wherever they are on our planet.

The Kava high is a fun, safe and an exquisite all-natural substance that opens the door for you to experience euphoric human bliss. Sip away as you watch your worries and frantic energy dissolve. After all, you deserve it!

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