History of Kava

history of kava

Kava has an incredible history of helping people overcome issues with depression, anxiety, insomnia, menopause, and etcetera. When it comes to its origins, Kava has been an important part of the culture in the Pacific Islands for more than 3000 years. It is used before important religious rituals, formal gatherings, family ceremonies, and other important events. The main idea behind this tradition is to help the people who gather to start a conversation easier and feel much calmer than they usually are.

Sadly, Kava has been labeled as a drug by certain individuals on high positions which had quite a detrimental effect on its overall popularity in the western world. Luckily, it has been proven that Kava is not a dangerous thing as long as people don’t abuse its properties which made it mainstream in the west in the past two decades.

How is it prepared?

There are numerous methods you can use in order to prepare a nice cup of Kava. Traditionally, the juice is extracted from the roots. Subsequently, the roots are then chewed by the members of the tribe who then spit the pulp out into a bowl that contains water or coconut milk. While this particular method may seem pretty gruesome to some people, it’s actually one of the best ways to prepare Kava because it doesn’t involve supplements, taste enhancers, and questionable ingredients. Once the group is done with chewing and spitting, the mix is filtered through coconut fibers and served for consumption.

However, most people in the western world don’t have the time, will, or stomach to prepare Kava in a traditional manner, so they opt for easier methods. The three most popular forms of this supplement on the western market are – tea, capsules, and liquid.

Kava tea is ideal for individuals who want to take a break from a stressful day, sit back, and relax for 30 minutes or an hour with a tasty cup of Kava in their hands. As you can tell, this particular method of preparation requires time and a bit of effort. When it comes to the effectiveness of tea, it’s among the strongest forms you can find.

Pacific Islands traditional drink

Pills are probably the most widely-used form of Kava in the western world today due to the included convenience. In other words, capsules don’t require any form of preparation but are instead a so-called instant method. However, convenience sometimes comes with a big price, and it’s not all about dollars. Many Kava products that can be found on the market nowadays are of questionable quality. In fact, the major percentage of the offered products is of underwhelming quality and simply not worth investing in. The negative image about Kava is a direct consequence of low-quality products.

Liquids are somewhere in the middle between tea and pills when it comes to convenience. Preparing a beverage with a few drops of Kava liquid is as easy as it sounds, but it’s not always the best possible option. The liquid form is good because it allows you to precisely dose the amount you want. However, this is also a burden because one can easily get carried and drink much more than recommended which can then cause some issues and health concerns.

What should I use it for?

ceremonial kava drinkIf you have problems with social interactions, stress, or depression, Kava might be a good choice to start with. It’s important to remember that it doesn’t cure, prevent, nor diagnose any disease and is therefore not something you should primarily use for severe mental conditions.

It’s always good to consult a professional and see what they have to say about alternative therapies.

Self-medication is quite frowned upon in medicine for plenty of good reasons. The main one is the danger of kava overdose or abuse. If that isn’t enough, take a moment and think about potential consequences you might encounter if you mess up the dosage or buy a product from a shady manufacturer. In case anything happens, there’s no one to blame but the consumer for not devoting enough time and effort to research.

While Kava is a great thing for people who are fighting against serious conditions, you should be very careful with it. It’s not a dangerous thing per se, but its misuse can trigger an avalanche of predicaments.

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