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All-natural products are the way to go when it comes to fighting against anxiety, stress, and depression. That doesn’t mean prescription drugs are necessarily bad for you, but one should always seek alternative methods of dealing with serious conditions before opting for strong medicines. There are plenty of reasons behind this, but the main, and probably the most important one is that strong medicines can cause drowsiness and other side effects which could have a massive impact on your functionality throughout the day.

In order to avoid being drowsy and moody from prescription drugs, you should try solving some of your anxiety issues with Kava liquid. It’s a relatively safe way to deal with various mental states as long as you follow the instructions and don’t abuse its capabilities. NOW Kava Kava extract might be the thing you’re looking for because it’s effective, affordable, and quite convenient to use.

The Basics

NOW has been a leader in this industry for quite a while. In fact, even when natural supplements weren’t as popular and mainstream as today, NOW has always been delivering high-quality products and services. This Kava extract liquid contains Vanuatuan and/or Fijian Kava root extract, vegetable glycerin, and grain alcohol. The important thing to remember is that it does not contain sugar, gluten, yeast, salt, soy, milk, and eggs. In other words, if you’re allergic to one of these components, there is no need to worry because this Kava extract is perfectly safe.

Even though glycerin doesn’t seem too important in this situation, you would be surprised by its crucial role in regards to taste improvements. As you may know, Kava extract doesn’t taste good whatsoever, and having a taste enhancer like glycerin is quite beneficial.

The effects and advantages

The main advantage of this supplement over the other similar ones on the market is in the reliability of the brand. In other words, NOW is quite trustworthy and thus a perfect brand for both newcomers and avid consumers of Kava.

As far as the effects go, most people react well to this extract and feel the effects promptly upon drinking a glass of juice or any other beverage containing a few drops of it.

The recommended daily dose is two drops, one to three times per day, as needed. However, it’s crucial to remember not to exceed these values or else you might experience health issues and side effects.

Furthermore, do not use this supplement longer than four weeks at a time. It is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any diseases but to alleviate their effects.

When should I be taking Kava liquid extracts?

Even though liquid extracts are quite convenient and simple to use, one shouldn’t be taking too much of it because it’s very easy to go over the recommended daily limits, especially if you’re frequently on the move and don’t have enough time to think about dosage.

If you’re struggling to cope with the burdens of anxiety, depression, and insomnia, we would recommend trying liquid Kava extracts, but not before you consult a professional. Many people decide against this and take matters into their own hands, but that strategy usually ends up in a disaster.

Our impressions

The liquid form of Kava is a favorite of many consumers, especially the ones that don’t have the time or will to mess with the whole process of straining and brewing. If you’re one of those people, we would strongly recommend getting a bottle of Kava and seeing whether or not it helps you with your issues.


9.5 Total Score

NOW Kava liquid extract has its downsides and upsides, but in general, it’s a pretty good way of dealing with certain issues. As far as the quality goes, there’s no need to be concerned too much about it as it is quite consistent and premium.

  • Good quality
  • Great brand
  • Noticeable effects
  • Pricey
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