Kava Candy: Better Taste, Easier to Use

Kava is a plant that has been used for centuries in the Pacific Islands and Polynesian countries. Kava makes people feel more social and can ease anxiety. It’s traditionally prepared as tea, but it can also be made into pills or turned into powder.

The taste of kava isn’t great, so this is why people often mix it with other things like honey to make it more palatable. But there’s an easier way! Kava candy solves the problem by making the kava effects much easier to enjoy without having to worry about bad tastes.

What is kava?

Kava is a plant that comes from the pepper family. Kava is traditionally prepared by brewing the dried and ground roots of the kava plant. The brew is then strained, typically mixed with water or coconut milk to improve its taste. This tea can also be mixed with other things like honey. Kava is popular in the Pacific Islands and Polynesian countries. It’s used for ceremonies, social functions, as well as medicinal purposes such as to alleviate anger and anxiety.

What does kava taste like?

Kava’s taste is very distinctive and can be unpleasant to some. The taste is often described as being earthy with a peppery or lemony flavor. Kava can also have a root-like, slightly rubbery texture which adds to the unpleasantness of the taste. This inconsistency in how kava tastes has led people to mix it with other things like honey, coconut cream, or other flavors you would typically see in tea.

In addition to its natural flavors, kava produces a tongue tingling sensation. This can leave your tongue naturally numb. Once the tongue is numb, kava has a lot less flavor.

How to Brew Kava

There are many ways to brew kava. While kava is often called a tea or herbal infusion, it’s typically extracted and served cold. The most common way is by using a strainer and mixing the kava with water or coconut milk for better taste. To make kava tea you would need about four cups of clean water per one cup of dried kava root powder.

Kava enthusiasts, who often describe kava root as tasty, will tell you that the traditional way is the only way to consume kava. While brewing your own kava is not difficult, it’s more work than many people want to deal with. That’s why a lot of people choose to use kava extracts, particularly kava candy.

What is kava extract?

Kava extracts are a quicker and easier way to experience kava’s relaxing effects. In the past, people would have to go through the process of grinding up kava root then preparing it with water or coconut milk for drinking purposes. Extracts make this much more convenient as they’re often just mixed in liquid like juice or soda before being consumed.

Kava For Natural Stress Management

We all know that we can’t easily escape the stresses of life. People use all sorts of different methods and tools to help manage stress. Some people meditate, while others prefer to drink alcohol or smoke marijuana as a way to relax and decompress. If you’re looking for an even healthier option to ease stress, then you may want to try kava.

The effects of kava are created by its kavalactones. There are six kavalactones in kava, each of which can help with stress relief and help produce kava’s famous tongue tingling sensation. Kava affects neurotransmitters like GABA that can reduce feelings of panic and fear while also having an overall calming stress relief effect on people who drink it.

To maximize its anxiety support, kava can be combined with other calming plants. For example, people like to mix kava root, lemon balm, chamomile, and mint to make a powerful calming drink that can alleviate anxiety naturally.

What Is Kava Candy?

Kava candy is a way to enjoy kava on the go without having the natural bitter taste overwhelm you. Instead of a bitter, peppery drink, you can enjoy a smooth orange cream flavor. These kava candies are made with kava concentrate, making it easy for people to take kava.

Some kava candies are made with kava concentrate, making it easy for people to take kava. This is the best way to enjoy kava without having its taste overwhelm you. It’s also a great option if you’re looking for an alternative form of relief from stress and anxiety as well. Some brands even market their products as kava stress relief candy.

Perhaps the best thing about kava candy is that it’s extremely convenient. You can take kava without worrying about the taste and you don’t have to worry about mixing it with water or other things like honey. You can easily keep kava infused herbal candies in your handbag or pocket to take whenever you want to relax. It’s a great way to enjoy the effects of kava while staying under the radar of other people’s judgments.

Is Kava Candy Legal In The United States?

Kava candy is legal in the United States. It’s sold as kava extract with kavalactones and it comes in a variety of different flavors like mint or chocolate. You can buy kava candies online, at some natural food stores, or even through your local drug store.

Does Kava Candy Work?

Kava in candy form is a great natural way to enjoy the full spectrum effects of kava, without any of the downsides that can be associated with alcohol or other drugs.

User reports suggest that kava candy provides an easy and effective alternative for people interested in the benefits of kava without the hassle. Kava candy is essentially just an easy, tasty way to enjoy a kava concentrate. While traditionally prepared kava root is a great experience, kava on the go matches our modern lifestyles.

How Long Does Kava Candy Last?

You can expect similar effects from kava candy as you would other forms of kava. Most people find the euphoric effects of kava will last about two to four hours, while the sleep supportive, muscle relaxant, anti-anxiety, and stress reduction effects tend to last much longer closer to six or even eight hours.

Is Kava Candy Safe?

Kava has been safely used for centuries in the South Pacific, but it can interact with some modern medications. It’s possible that it could impact an existing disease or health condition. If you are unsure, just check with your doctor first.

It’s important to check whether the kava was derived from the root or other parts of the plant that may be more harmful to your liver. Traditionally, only the roots of the plant were consumed.

Most people can safely experience the benefits of kava without worry, but like other dietary supplements, occasionally someone will have a problem.

Try Kava Candy

Kava is a fascinating substance that produces enjoyable, relaxing effects. Making a kava brew in the traditional fashion takes time, effort and equipment.

Kava candy is an easy, modern solution. If you’ve ever been curious about trying kava, or are just looking for a convenient way to take kava with you, kava candy is a great option. Go ahead and give kava candy a try.

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