Best Kava Liquid Extract Reviewed

top rated kava liquid

Many people seek alternative solutions for their struggles with anxiety, depression, insomnia, and etcetera. Contrary to popular belief, not all people like taking prescription drugs which are quite beneficial most of the time; however, some side effects are just too much to handle. In case you’re struggling to cope with the burdens of various health conditions, don’t hesitate to give Kava liquid a try, it might change your perspective and the way you look at certain things.

Top-rated Kava Liquids

NOW Kava Kava Extract Liquid

NOW is quite a respected brand in this particular industry because it owns and operates several manufacturing facilities across both the United States and Canada. The thing that separates this brand from the vast majority of others is the quality control and the adherence to LEED program specifications which is a regulation responsible for reducing carbon footprint.

Now, the quality of this particular product is somewhat arguable. While it’s definitely a great opportunity for people to try and alleviate some of their stress-related issues, some users complained about experiencing underwhelming results.

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Whether it’s due to them having a milder reaction because of the metabolism differences, or something else is the issue is not immediately apparent. However, there’s no need to worry about this because it doesn’t take much time to see whether or not something has an effect on your wellbeing. The worst case scenario is finding out that it doesn’t cause the same effect on you as it does with others and you’ll lose a couple of dollars as a result. It’s actually a small price to pay if you consider the number of questionable brands on the market.  Speaking of paying, this particular product is among the ones with the best price-to-quality ratio on the market.

If you’re concerned about the taste, you will be happy to know that this extract contains glycerin. While it may seem fairly irrelevant, you would be surprised by the effect glycerin has on the overall taste of this liquid. As we all know, these extracts don’t taste so great and, in fact, that’s one of the main factors that push people away from ever experimenting with Kava. We would recommend at least giving it a try and seeing whether it yields any results.

Herb Pharm Kava Root Extract

The thing that plagues most Kava liquids that are on the market today is their questionable origin. In other words, a lot of manufacturers grow their own herbs on plantations and use agricultural chemicals in order to make the plants grow faster. Needless to say, once you include chemicals into the whole process of growing Kava, it will have a detrimental impact on the overall quality.

However, Herb Pharm Kava Root is made of plants that grow in Vanuatu Islands. The important thing here to remember is that Vanuatu Islands is one of the well-known locations where premium-quality Kava grows thanks to the rich volcanic soil.

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Plenty of enthusiasts like this particular product because it offers guaranteed consistency of both quality and origin. In simpler terms, you can rest assured that you’re getting what you paid for at all times instead of thinking whether you’ll get a better or worse batch than before. One more thing that’s great about this particular product is that it ensures optimal absorption and assimilation by one’s body.

It’s quite an important fact because not all people react the same to different Kava products. In this case, you can at least be sure it’s not about the lack of product quality but because your metabolism triggers a different reaction in comparison to an average Joe.

Whether it’s worth giving it a shot or not is up to you to decide. As far as we are concerned, it’s definitely an opportunity worth grabbing, especially if you’re struggling with severe sleep deprivation, stress, and anxiety. In conclusion, it’s an excellent product for a reasonable price. It certainly isn’t the best thing out there, but it is a great opportunity for you to alleviate some of the burdens that are troubling you.

Nature’s Answer Kava 6

When it comes to using modern extraction techniques, the Nature’s Answer brand is one of the leaders in this particular industry. It’s quite hard to find a premium product nowadays, especially in a saturated market like this one. However, in case you’re struggling to find a suiting supplement for anxiety or insomnia issues, this one might hold an answer to your problems.

Most people worry about authenticity when it comes to Kava extracts, and it’s quite a legitimate worry nonetheless. Luckily, Nature’s Answer guarantees an authentic and effective product which doesn’t contain alcohol or other chemical ingredients that could have a detrimental impact on the overall quality.

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On top of that, this product also contains vegetable glycerin which is the reason why it doesn’t taste as strong as some others. The peculiar thing about this supplement is the fact that it’s thick and sometimes chunky. A few users were having concerns about this, but it’s nothing one should be worried about as it’s a very potent extract without any additional chemicals that would result in better consistency. In simpler words, if you see sediment or residue in the bottom of the bottle, all you have to do is shake it before use in order to get a homogenous liquid.

There aren’t many disadvantages, although some people have had issues with nausea after use. It’s important to remember that you have to consult a doctor as soon as you feel something happening. Kava is known to have side effects; it’s not a secret by any means. However, most people skip the consultations and decide to follow their own instincts.

It’s a pretty dangerous strategy, especially if you have a medical history or a fragile metabolism. Nonetheless, you should give this supplement a chance because it’s affordable, authentic, and most importantly – effective.

Advantages of Drinking Kava Liquid Extract

Even though Kava extract is extremely popular in the past couple of years, the vast majority of its users aren’t fully aware of its benefits. In order to find something that will alleviate some of the issues you’re struggling with, it’s a good idea to conduct research first and see whether or not it’s worth trying. Here are some of the most notable benefits of drinking Kava Liquid extracts –

The fight against anxiety and insomnia

This is one of the primary reasons why most people opt to experiment with this particular supplement. Numerous studies have shown that Kava root extracts activate GABA-A receptors which have a sedative effect. Now, one might be wondering why this is better than prescription drugs, and it’s a fairly legitimate concern.

The answer is, however, quite simple – Kava doesn’t cause drowsiness, lack of will, and some of the severe side effects of prescription drugs. In other words, it’s a natural way of fighting against serious conditions without worrying about potential consequences.

Reduces the severity of serious conditions

Kava is known to help treat seizures and epilepsy in rats. As you can tell, the test is yet to be conducted with humans, but judging by the indications, it’s quite a good weapon against serious conditions. Furthermore, it can alleviate the problems with menopause by activating GABA-A receptors which are responsible for your dopamine levels.


If you’re looking for a high-quality Kava extract, don’t hesitate to check some of the products we have covered. They may not be the best thing on the market, but they are pretty close. We have included several factors that we think are crucial for determining whether or not something is of good quality. Those factors include the brand reputation, ingredients, origin of plants, and the overall authenticity of the product. Price is something we didn’t account for as most of these are priced similarly which makes it even harder to find the ones that are worth trying out.